The History Of The House
Nikolskoe a loghouse in Russian style (1819)
which King Frederick William III gave as a present to his daughter Charlotte married to a Russian prince who later became Tsar Nicolas I. Today the log cabin is a restaurant. Close to this Russian house a church was built (1834-37) in Russianorthodox style - the Church of St. Peter and Paul which looks rather strange in the typically German wood.

It is said that the King himself chose the site for the church - he asked to be rowed up the Havel and sent sailors up the hill to mark the spot he had chosen with flags. The church is still used, service is held there regularly and concerts with sacred music are frequently performed. About a hundred years ago the innkeeper was an old Russian coachman who as an old-age pensioner had been given the job of caretaker - he was never meant to cater for visitors and as a matter of fact his cuisine never went to anything more elaborate than bread and butter with ham or sausage.

Nowadays the bill of fare is much longer and offers many more dishes to suit different tastes, and the cellar is very well thought of.


In den Monaten Januar, Februar und März haben wir am Mittwoch und Donnerstag geschlossen.


Die Wildsaison ist eröffnet.

Ab November gibt es wieder Gänsebraten.